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Life Tools:  When The Going Gets Tough

Life Tools: When The Going Gets Tough

There’s one thing we can all be assured of– things aren’t going to go perfectly all the time.  Here are some suggestions for when things, well, for when things just SUCK.  Count your blessings.  That’s right.  Count ’em!  Things probably aren’t as bad as they seem.  At least if you can identify the positives, you … Continue reading

What’s that "C" word everyone avoids?

What’s that "C" word everyone avoids?

We all do it. We “mean” to do better, but don’t. You know, that nagging feeling you get inside when you want to keep in better touch with friends but don’t, keep the house straight but don’t, and of course, the ever-popular desire to exercise and eat better.  BUT we don’t.  And what’s the number one … Continue reading