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Life Tools:  When The Going Gets Tough

Life Tools: When The Going Gets Tough

There’s one thing we can all be assured of– things aren’t going to go perfectly all the time.  Here are some suggestions for when things, well, for when things just SUCK.  Count your blessings.  That’s right.  Count ’em!  Things probably aren’t as bad as they seem.  At least if you can identify the positives, you … Continue reading

Breakthrough:  What is holding you back?

Breakthrough: What is holding you back?

Having a tough time moving forward?  Maybe you’re not working out, you’re eating badly, your finances and paperwork are a mess and so is the house more often than you’d like it to be.  What are you telling yourself?  You’ll fix it after you work out your children’s latest hurdles, you get that new job, … Continue reading

Fitness is a Family Affair

Fitness is a Family Affair

The old adage is true,  “Children will do what you do and not what you say”.  If you’re slurping back sodas and sitting on the couch, chances are your kids are doing the same.  Or maybe food is synonymous with reward in your house.  Let your children see you make healthy choices and they will … Continue reading


Horsham Gets Fit is bringing the best businesses in the Horsham area together to spread the word about products and services for living healthier and less stressfully in Horsham and beyond.  Horsham Gets Fit staff columns are a “mental vitamin” for everyone, supporting positive changes that many of us are trying to consistently incorporate into … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips to Staying Fit While on Vacation

Top 10 Tips to Staying Fit While on Vacation

Top 10 Tips to Staying Fit While on Vacation by Jaclyn Johnson While enjoying your vacation is top priority, it is important to keep your diet on track before you start sipping on your piña colada and ordering that double fudge brownie sundae. Whether your travels bring you to Europe or the Bahamas, here are … Continue reading