Top 10 Tips to Staying Fit While on Vacation

Top 10 Tips to Staying Fit While on Vacation

by Jaclyn Johnson

While enjoying your vacation is top priority, it is important to keep your diet on track before you start sipping on your piña colada and ordering that double fudge brownie sundae. Whether your travels bring you to Europe or the Bahamas, here are some simple tips on how to stay fit while on vacation:1. Drink lots of water. Hydration is essential while traveling. Water fills you up and never lets you down.2. Stay Central. Location, Location, Location. Try to find a hotel with a central location so you can walk to all your destinations. eDiets Director of Nutritional Services Pamela Ofstein says this is a “great way to get some exercise and activity in while on vacation. This will get your body moving and gives you the opportunity to really ‘see’ and really ‘take in’ your surroundings — not just drive by! Skip the cab or car ride when checking out the sites, and if you plan to go some place for a meal, try walking — it also gives you more time to talk and enjoy your friends and family.”3. Moderation. Vacation is the best time to indulge! But don’t overdo it. Try to have dessert every other night. Or why not split dessert? It cuts the calories in half! Pamela says “on vacation we tend to let our guard down a little. This should be a time of enjoyment and letting loose a little while still keeping your self on track. Wanting to splurge a little and go for something you normally don’t eat (because of watching your calorie intake)? Choose your poison. I love dessert, so I often opt to skip or limit the bread to one small piece at dinner and enjoy a salad as an appetizer instead of appetizers high in calories and fat.”4. Cut back. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages can be extremely dehydrating, especially in hot weather climates. You don’t have to ban it, but don’t binge it either. Pamela suggests 2 cups or less a day. “A good trick, if you plan to have a cocktail or caffeinated beverage, is to have a cup of water for each one you consume. It will help keep you hydrated.”5. Bring breakfast. Buy a bunch of bananas; bring yogurts or granola bars and have breakfast in your room. “Definitely start the day off with something to eat,” Pamela says, “This will help you have energy to begin the day and help keep your metabolism going. Quick bites like bananas, yogurt, whole-wheat bagels and cereal bars (with no trans fats) are simple enough to have on hand and not fill you up with high fat, low nutrient dense foods.” The croissants and muffins at the continental breakfast are tempting, but try to keep breakfast as healthy as possible.

6. Take a dip. If your destination brings you close to a beach or a pool, take a dip and get some sun while you’re at it! If swimming isn’t your thing, take a stroll on the beach or play some beach volleyball.

7. Stretch it out. Give yourself a quick stretch in the morning to get your muscles a head start for the day!

8. Get some green. No, not money, but that would be nice. Vegetables! Order the small salad before your main meal to fill you up. Pamela reminds us to eat our veggies: “They can be some of your best friends by keeping you healthy! They are full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to keep your body healthy and keep your calorie intake within range — not to mention all the great benefits of fiber.”

9. Breathe. Nothing is more beautiful than some peace and quiet and peace of mind. Meditate! Find a relaxing spot and start deep breathing.

10. Have fun. Enjoy your vacation. Laughing does burn calories you know.

* Jaclyn Johnson is an editorial intern and a Journalism & Mass Communications major at New York University.

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